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How do you get listed higher in the Airbnb search results?

Airbnb doesn’t publish its ranking algorithm, but in general it rewards hosts who do the kinds of things that guests appreciate.  Mostly it is common sense.

Guests appreciate things like: good reviews, accurate description, clean property, accurate calendar, up to date, quick to respond, no cancellations, able to book instantly, accept most bookings, able to stay 1 night, easy cancellation, ability to stay with a superhost.

Tactics that Airbnb likes for ranking

Flipping this around gives the kinds of behaviours that get hosts rewarded by a higher search listing.

Good reviews.

The average host review score is 4.5 out of 5.  You need to get a consistently high review score.  To do that you need to give your guests a good experience.

Accurate description

Guests are asked in reviews if the experience matched the description.  If not, you will be marked down. [click to continue…]


The Vacation Rental Mastery Handbook is due for publication in December 2018.
It is currently with the copy editor, and in a few weeks it will go to the layout editor for typesetting.

Here is an advance peek at the TABLE OF CONTENTS  MSdocx


The VR world doesn’t just live on the internet!

If you understand your guest niches really well, you will find that they often go to the same physical space and they spend time reading ordinary paper notices!  If you know those places, you can advertise your offer to them very effectively. Here are some examples of offline marketing to give you some ideas.

Business Cards

You can inexpensively have 500 business cards made with a picture featuring your VR, your website URL and your contact details.  As you meet folks socially, they will often genuinely be interested in your VR and want to know more.  You just hand over your card, they research your website and book with you.

Dog lover niche

You can put a flyer or a postcard on the noticeboard at your local vet in the nearest city feeding your VR with guests.  Or at your local dog groomer.  The message is ‘Dogs like going on holidays too’.  You have a great picture, a short message, and your phone and website.  The business owners may even allow you to leave some business cards there too.

I had the president of the Scotch Terrier Association come to stay and loved the experience.  She wrote a story in the club newsletter and I had several other members come and stay.  I also put some catchy postcards in our local vet with some bonus bookings. [click to continue…]


So you have given your guests a fabulous experience, and you have a warm relationship.

Not all, but some of these guests will become raving fans and tell all their friends about your rental.  They love the experience and will come back every year or two.  They will get a friend to come every year or two.  Each of these fans will give you about one booking per year ongoing.

You need to build up your raving fans year after year.  How many?

Well, a single vacation rental with an average 3 night stay and 90% occupancy, has about 110 stays per year.

If you can get 100 raving fans, they will give you 100 stays per year, close to the 110 maximum possible for a single rental!

But do these fans exist?  Of course.  You will have some.   I have some, not 100 but maybe 30, and growing steadily every year.   But some owners have over 100.

Seven years ago I met an amazing couple who ran 3 pet friendly stone cottages on a rugged farm [click to continue…]


A recent campaign to reduce Online Travel Agency (OTA) dominance has had the beginnings of success in Australia, getting the attention of the consumer regulator. This is likely to have more wide ranging benefits for vacation rentals.

The growth of OTAs in recent years has been so strong that a hotels industry spokesman claims 80% of Australian hotel bookings are done through a few OTAs, and commissions of 12-25% are common.  The figures for vacation rentals (VRs) would be similar.  The OTA dominance from bidding up Google ads and spending huge amounts on TV ads leaves little room for small VRs to compete.

It has prompted a fierce 8 minute online video by  prominent Australian businessman Dick Smith urging consumers to boycott the large listing sites and contact accommodation providers direct.  Smith doesn’t mince words in his provocative video, accusing the large companies of extortion-like behaviour. [click to continue…]