Deconstructing world class performers – are you one?

I have a tough ask of you, my readers.  I’d like to hear from you if you are doing some things that are special that help you stand out from your competitors.

I’d like to shift the emphasis of the blog a little to sharing practices from other vacation rental owners.

You don’t have to have won awards or be written up in magazines.  That special thing you do may be small but it helps you get ahead.  I’d love to hear from you.

As I speak with other VR owners, I see all sorts of things that folks are doing.

  • Amy from Adelaide who surprises her guests with a fabulous seafood platter, and wins them over for lots of repeat visits
  • Terry, the VR owner from Florida who has a newsletter and asks his readers to help him design the makeover of one of his rooms with amazing results – for the makeover, and for bookings to come see the makeover. He does a room a year.
  • Bryan my Great Ocean Road colleague who personally gives his overseas guests a local introduction, like seeing the local Koala up close.  The kids cry as they say goodbye, and the family tell their friends so he has an abnormally high number of overseas guests and high occupancy all year round
  • Barry who has a garden in gritty urban London that guests are astonished they can use to escape to their own oasis of green calm
  • Phoebe in my village who has a retro theme and guests love to use the vinyl record player to play old music albums, and they come back
  • Pattiane, who did her own website that has jaw dropping images of the sea from her fabulous house, and folks are happy to pay that little bit extra

What are the little things that you do?

Please don’t be shy, this can be your way of giving back for the value you have had from this newsletter.   Just send me a few paras on those little things YOU do to help you get ahead.  Please!


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