How I Converted 60% of My Enquiries to Bookings

I am constantly experimenting with new ways of running my holiday rental.  It drives my partner crazy!

I nearly fell off my chair last year when I saw a whole lot of pink on my listing dashboard.

Pink is good, it means a converted booking.  There were 9 converted bookings out of 15 enquiries – 60%.  Over the following weeks, the number varied from 60% to 90% and one day for a short time it was 100%.  It was averaging 80%.

I had been changing my standard script and timing.

I thought if I could  get into my guest’s brainspace before anyone else, I would have an advantage.  I also wanted to get a conversation going before anyone else.

I had stumbled onto a successful formula.  When I thought about it, there were quite a few things that I was doing that my competitors weren’t doing.

There were about 6 things I was doing differently.  The first one was to be talking to the enquirer within 5 minutes of their enquiry.

I also realised that if I was converting most of my enquiries I wasn’t wasting time on enquires that went nowhere.  It was a better use of my time.

I like sharing solutions with other property owners.

So I’ve put what I’ve done into a free ebook – “How I converted 60% then 80% of enquiries to bookings”, free when you sign up to our newsletter.


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  • Mike Leslie February 16, 2014, 5:00 am

    Hi Rex, One of the things we have found is that people are often tired of searching for a place to stay after the first half an hour of looking at average listings. If you can contact them quickly (like you say) and help them with their decision by making it really easy to book with you – they really appreciate it. They dont want to wait, they want to get it booked now! Great tip.

  • lachlan February 25, 2014, 8:21 pm

    I like the way you’ve structured your customer experience. When you are able to convert such a high percentage of enquiries, it actually ends up saving time.. I hope the same will work for me

  • Andrew Fleming November 9, 2015, 9:19 pm

    Hi, Please send me the book, thanks