Setting Simple Email Alerts – How To Do It

In an earlier post More holiday rental bookings – the magical sound alert, I explained it can be useful to have a simple sound warning on your smartphone for all incoming emails. This can help you respond quickly to incoming enquiries.

This is particularly well suited to holiday rental operators who have a small number of incoming emails daily.

Below I show you an example of how to turn on the sound notification for emails – in the Gmail App for iPhone with IOS 7.
Other smartphones/ apps/ operating systems can be setup to do the same thing, the principles are the same.

Open the Gmail App.
SS1 - gmailicon

Click the Menu icon (3 horizontal bars) and then the Gear icon, to give Notification settings.

SS2 -Notifications

Then set notifications to All New Mail, and Save.
Then go into the iPhone Settings/ Notifications Centre/ Gmail
Set the Alerts and Sounds on, see below.

SS3 -Alerts

Send a few test emails to yourself to check it is working – a sound alert and screen preview when any email arrives.

This works well to get an alert for all mail.

If you want to hear an alert when just customer enquiries or replies come in, see The powerful enquiry SMS sound alert – How To Do It

Posted 11 March 2014

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